Announcing My Availability For Consulting

by TheMadHat on July 7, 2011

I want to take a moment to announce my availability. I’ve recently left my in-house position. Many of you probably didn’t know I even was working in-house, I was in a highly competitive space and did way too much railing on Mr. Spam King. Publicly pissing off Google when they know who you’re working for isn’t the best strategy I can think of. Anyway, on to the details.

I’m taking 2-3 SEO / Social Media (not one or the other, they’re now one and the same) consulting clients on a first come first serve basis. The clients will be picked based on several things. The first, and most important criteria is the ability to work together in a way that gets things accomplished. If you have to get approval from twelve different people to change one thing, progress is difficult. Actually just get a new job because that’s just annoying. I’ll be looking for competitive spaces (there are a lot of them now) with companies that believe in SEO and Social Media.

A little about me. No, that’s not a picture of me, that’s a cheesy stock photo that every “consulting” firm has on their home page.

ConsultingThe Good

  • I’m Good At It
  • I’ll tell you what you need to do, not what you need to hear
  • I see the big picture and the long term goals
  • I’m a solid combination of marketing and technical
  • I don’t have “guru” listed on anything
  • I like long walks on the beach

The Bad

  • I’ll tell you what you need to do whether you agree or not
  • I don’t like wearing suits, but I guess I will if I have to but I’ll complain about it
  • I’m slightly stubborn

The Ugly

  • I bought my wife an iPad before I bought myself one
  • I don’t really know, but I’m sticking with the Clint Eastwood theme here so I had to have something

I’ll also be entertaining any interesting in-house positions as well if. You can find out more details on me at my LinkedIn profile. Give me a shout and let’s get something done. Now, I think I’ll update this blog design and upgrade from WordPress 1.2 or whatever I’m on and start blogging again :)

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Google +1 Data Collection Results

by TheMadHat on April 1, 2011

Google +1

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